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The 7x3 Bike store provides ample interior room for storage. Durable tongue and groove cladding and pre-treated wood make it a hardy and stylish solution . The spacious interior also keeps things organised and secure. Easy access allows swift retrieval while keeping your possessions protected. Stylish yet sturdy, it can be used to store anything you need to keep secure and safe.


This is an ideal large solution and, at less than £700 for our standard size.  


But if you need it in any other size, or configuration, we can always customise your order to meet you exact needs, at the most competitive prices. So, if you feel need any customised options contact us and we can arrange a free consultation to help meet your needs. Back to Garden Storage

Supreme 7'x3' Bike Store

  • Dimensions:

    Eaves Height:1.34m (4’5”)
    Ridge Height:1.70m (5’7”)
    Door Width:1.52m (5’0”)


    • Roofing:20kg green mineral felt

    • Door fitted with padlock bolt

    • Tongue & Groove floor and roof

    • Double doors giving a 5′ opening


    As with all of our products we will are able to deliver and install all of the different sized models for free in a 25 mile radius, so you only pay the list price for both delivery and construction. Please just click on the order now button to choose the size you require and other details.

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