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The Wiltshire is a popular reverse style summerhouse with fully glazed double doors, fixed side windows and is fully tongue and groove and base coat treated.


Coming in a range of sizes and able to be fully customised. Starting at under £1,200, the Wiltshire Summerhouse is great value and a popular choice.    Back to Summerhouses

The Wiltshire Summerhouse

  • Dimensions:

    Eaves Height:1.95m (6’5”)
    Ridge Height:2.45m (8’0”)
    Door Width:1.20m (4’0”)
    Framing: 50mm x 25mm



    Roofing:20kg green mineral felt

    • Door fitted with lock & key

    • 2 Fixed windows


    As with all of our products we will are able to deliver and install all of the different sized models for free in a 25 mile radius, so you only pay the list price for both delivery and construction. Please just click on the order now button to choose the size you require and other details.

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