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Blackdown Agricultural Building Kits

Customisable and Durable Agricultural Buildings

Create Optimal Agricultural buildings with Blackdown Buildings Premium Kits -  Expertly Built by Us

Bring your vision to life with Blackdown's superior DIY kits and our expert construction services. Their unparalleled quality and customisable designs enable us to build ultra-durable, all-weather structures that are optimised for all of your needs.

As the premier provider in their field, Blackdown Buildings is our sole supplier for these large scale kit buildings. Along with our full landscaping services your new agricultural building will blend seamlessly with your landscape - creating optimal environments for your livestock, crops or any need whatsoever - whether farm based or any other form of light industry.

Just one example of many different kit formations from Blackdown Building's for all agricultural needs
Just one example of the many different bespoke kit formations from Blackdown Building's for all agricultural needs
Another example of the many different bespoke kit formations from Blackdown Building's for all agricultural needs

Introducing: Blackdown Buildings' Agricultural Building Kits

Create the perfect agricultural building for your business with high-quality, fully customisable building kits from Blackdown Buildings. And, with Shedworx providing a complete construction service, from foundations to finishing touches, you can gurantee that these kits will become the perfect build for your needs 

All of Blackdown's agricultural buildings are available in a range of sizes and specs. Each defined by the structure of the main timbers and the span required.

They use only premier pressure treated redwood for all upright columns and have the option for Oak columns to extend the life of your building even further.

Coming in classic Portal frame, or Mono Pitched designs and a wide range of options on cladding and roofing material - Blackdown are the premier supplier of agricultural buildings and the only one we would recommend to customers

Please note: You have the flexibility to purchase your kit directly from Blackdown Buildings. Or you can contact us at Shedworx to help with your order from them, 

to help make certain your chosen kit is your customised perfectly for your build.

Ready to start your agricultural building journey?


Click below to explore Blackdown's one-of-a-kind agricultural building DIY kits directly on their site. To return to our site simply use your browser's 'Back' button.

When you return we will be ready to offer our expert planning, customization, construction, and project management services to help you create and build the perfect agricultural building for your property and business - hassle free!

The Next Step towards your Perfect Agricultural Building

Whether purchased directly from Blackdown Buildings, or with our bespoke guidance at no extra cost. Contact us now to find out how we can help you to create your perfect agricultural building customised for your needs.

* Or contact us now through our direct message app at the side of each page for

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