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Expert Bespoke Solutions

Unique and Affordable Builds

At Shedworx we are able to offer truly bespoke options for any outdoor building project you could want.


From garden rooms to garages, workshops to playhouses, farm buildings to family extensions, to office spaces and beyond. 

​With extensive expertise across design, planning, sourcing, and construction, we can guarantee to provide the best guidance tailored to help us meet your unique needs and construct a bespoke garden building that you, and future generations, will both love and enjoy

If you can envision it, our team can construct it. Always at the highest quality, with stylish design, and at the most competitive pricing. 

A fully bespoke project we undertook to build an outdoor office for a client in Somerset
A fully bespoke design and construction project to build an outdoor bar and high spec beer garden outside Taunton

And, thanks to our sister company HJHWorx, we have the expertise and skills to handle every aspect of your custom build seamlessly - from initial sketches and 3D renderings to sourcing premium materials at very competitive pricing. All the way from design to expert installation and first class after service.


So, partner with Shedworx today to make your dream outdoor building vision a reality - without the hassle and fuss -  just as we have for many of our satisfied customers across Somerset.

Just Some of Our Professional Bespoke Building Solutions for Somerset Gardens

Design Consultation

Trust in out expert advice on building design and functionality, which we will work with you to tailor your final building project to fit your specific needs.

Planning Application Support

Expert guidance for planning applications, and regulations and help with document preparation. Ideal for ensuring compliance and simplifying the application process.

Custom Roof Installation

Let us use our expertise to help plan and create  specialised roofing solutions, tailored to include eco-friendly and innovative materials for your project.

Tailored Interior Layout Planning

Collaborate with us for your very own personalised interior design services, ensuring the optimal use of space and the perfect feeling for your new space.

A full custom woodclad restaurant extension to the Canal Inn in Somerset

Bespoke Storage Solutions

Make use of our bespoke-designed storage and outside buildings, crafted by us expertly to help maximise your garden space and help you organising efficiently.

Sustainable Material Sourcing

Depend on our bespoke assistance in helping you select eco-friendly building materials that support your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Personalised Exterior Finishing

Our professional bespoke exterior finishing work will help you create unique exterior designs, giving your building a distinctive and appealing look.

Personalised internal Finishing

Collaborate with our team for custom internal finishing services to help to 

ensure your space is both functional and looks beautifully finished

And we do not just offer bespoke building services. We offer prorfessional bespoke interiors to fit your exact needs

A bespoke designed and fitted stylish and easily maintained bathroom area in Yeovil
A fully bespoke designed commercial kitchen for one of our clients in Somerset

Please feel free to contact us  with any questions or enquiries you might have that can help you take your initial ideas to the next stage and help bring your bespoke building dream to life.


Or explore our HJHWorx sister website where you can gain a better idea of the range and scale of projects we can undertake through this unique partnership in order to help drive costs down.

To see more examples of our work please feel free to visit our online Landscaping Portfolio.

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