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Blackdown Smallholding Kits

Keeping Animals Safe, Secure and Loved 

Create Your Ideal Animal Housing with Superior Kits by Blackdown Buildings and Expertly Built by Us

Make your smallholding dreams a reality with Blackdown's premium DIY kits and our expert build services. Their unrivaled quality and customizable designs lets us to construct ultra-durable and weather-resistant animal housing.


As the top provider in their field, Blackdown Buildings is our sole supplier for kit buildings. And with our full landscaping services your new smallholding will blend beautifully with your Somerset home - creatiing the perfect home for your animals.

Just one of Blackdown Building's superior dog kennel designs that can be customised to fit your needs in Somerset
One of Blackdown Building's robust and stylish field shelter kits and pig arks that can be used anywhere in Somerset and tailored to your needsd
Just one example of the many kinds of small anuima and poultry housing kits available to meet your needs .

Introducing Blackdown's Smallholding Kits

Discover the perfect addition to your property with our curated range of kits supplied by Black Down Buildings. With these kits we can offer the most comprehensive construction service - from foundations to finishing touches.

Whether it's poultry housing, dog kennels, pig arks, or mobile arks - they are the regional market leader for stylish, high quality and durable kits you can count on.

Please note: You have the flexibility to purchase your kit directly from Black Down Buildings. Or you can contact us at Shedworx to help with your order from them. To help make certain your chosen kit is your customised perfectly for your build.

Ready to start your smallholding journey?


Click below to explore Blackdown's one-of-a-kind smallholding DIY kits directly on their site. To return to our site simply use your browser's 'Back' button.

When you return we will be ready to offer our expert planning, customization, construction, and project management services to help you create and build the perfect smallholding for your animals and your property - hassle free!

The Next Step to Your Perfect Smallholding

Whether purchased from Blackdown Buildings directly or with our bespoke

guidance at no extra cost. Contact us now to create your ideal smallholding 

* Or contact us now through our direct message app at the bottom of each page for the quickest response

Wherever you are in Somerset - from Taunton to Tiverton, Wellington, Bridgwater, Yeovil or Chard we will get back to you promptly

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