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Create Your Perfect Taunton Garden

Explore Our Range of Products

Unlock your Somerset garden's true beauty with this range of modern and inspiring garden building options


Find tranquil relaxation with Our range of Summerhouses

Expertly-built hideaways designed for your Somerset Garden.


Stylish, versatile, and durable—Browse our range, or customise, to find your perfect summerhouse

supreme Apex_edited.jpg

Discover the Possibilities with Our Taunton Premium Sheds

Expertly-designed sheds crafted for organisation and storage.


Durable, secure, and stylish - find out more about this range of practical and secure sheds

premier greenhouse_edited.jpg

Discover the Possibilities with Our Premium Greenhouses


Expertly crafted to fulfil your Somerset gardening vision


Durable, secure, and stylish - explore our range of customisable greenhouse solutions


Organise Your Garden with Our Premium Storage Solutions

Each designed and constructed to keep things tidy and secure.


Practical, adaptable and robust -

Take a look at our range of customisable Somerset storage.


Let us Build the Ideal Garage to Suit all Your Needs in Taunton

Explore Expertly designed and constructed solutions for your vehicle storage and more

Durable, secure, and fully customizable - explore our range of premium garage solutions.


Create the perfect space with Premium Agricultural Buildings

Expertly engineered barns, stables from Blackdown Buildings


Durable, spacious, and purpose-built - explore a Premier range of customisable agricultural designs for across Somerset


Create the Perfect Habitat with Real Premium Animal Housing

Expertly designed by Blackdown Buildings for all your needs.

Durable and cosy - explore our range of customisable housing solutions for poultry, pigs, dogs across the region


Create the Perfect Equine Environment for You

Expertly crafted stables and facilities designed for horses

Durable, spacious, and purpose-built - explore the range of customisable equestrian solutions from Blackdown Buildings.


Equip Your Property with Premier Quality, bespoke Equine Jumps

Perfect for any Jumping needs in Taunton, Wellington and any where across Somerset

Durable, bespoke jumps - designed and built to meet your exact needs and requirements


Bring Any Vision to Life with Our Quality Bespoke Services

Our experienced team will design and build any custom structure and landscape you require.


Innovative, flexible and robust—see the potential for your outdoor build in Taunton and beyond.


Elevate Your Garden with Bespoke, Premier Landscaping

Expertly designed and installed by us to fully enhance and revitalise your outdoor space

Wherever you live in Somerset we will perfectly match your vision, home and lifestyle perfectly.


Fortify Your Property with our Custom, Premier Fencing Service

We skilfully design and erect  fencing to enhance your property by combining security and style

Our tailored fencing solutions are  durable enough to protect any garden across the region.

Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? If not, our dedicated team is always on hand to discuss your specific needs, whatever they might be. So, reach out to us, and let's explore how we can tailor our services to create your perfect outdoor space. And turn your vision into reality - whether you live in Taunton, Wellington, Wells, Yeovil, Chard, or anywhere across the region. 

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