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Are you struggling to find your ideal shed or garden 

in Taunton and Somerset?

Professional Garden Building in Taunton, and across Somerset

Welcome to Shedworx, Taunton's leading supplier of  garden sheds, summerhouses, storage, garden buildings and much more. All with options for full customisation and bespoke design.


So, whether you live in Wellington, Bridgwater, Yeovil, or anywhere else in Somerset, we will help make sure your garden reaches its full potential with our expert range of products and services:

Free Delivery and Installation within  25 miles

 Quality Guaranteed

 Custom Solutions

Free Consultation

Ready to Order Now

A perfect Garden Shed in Taunton

Our Products

Explore our Ranges

Discover our selection of customisable and bespoke Garden Buildings, expertly built across Somerset.

Step into Shedworx , your gateway to Somerset's finest garden structures. Here you'll find Sheds, elegant Summerhouses, Garden Storage, Greenhouses, cozy Pet Homes and more. All designed with quality, comfort and functionality in mind.


With bespoke and custom options available for all of our products if you require them, we can guarantee to help you create the perfect garden for all your needs.

Feel free to take some time check out our full product range, and services, to discover exactly what we can provide for you to create unique, and stylish ways to enhance your outdoor living.

Outdoor Bar conversion and full Landscaping makeover in Taunton
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Discover Our Services

Explore the Full Range of our Professional Services for Garden Building and Landscaping across Taunton and Somerset

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our Delivery and Installation service.


We'll handle the transportation and set up of your garden building, so you don't have to. Our team of experts will ensure your building is properly installed and ready to use upon delivery.

Delivery and Installation

No need to wait, we have a full range of non-custom sizes in stock and ready for immediate delivery.


Get your garden building today without delay - our warehouse keeps popular models on hand for direct, fast shipment to your door.

Direct Delivery

We provide Free Installation with all our standard sized models when you live within 25 miles of Taunton.


Our skilled team will handle assembling your new garden building, with no set up required by you. Enjoy the convenience of this hassle-free service

Free Installation

We offer customised options foir all our products to help design your perfect garden building.


With our flexible and bespoke options, you can customise your garden building to fit your needs and garden perfectly.

Custom Options

Get expert electrical solutions to power your perfect garden building.


Select from various wiring, lighting, switch and outlet options, and much more to tailor the electrics to perfect your garden building for your needs. 

Expert Electrical Solutions

Transform your garden building into an all-season sanctuary with our range of professional insulation services.


With a range of insulation solutions we guarantee year-round comfort and usability. No matter the weather.

Insulation Services

With tailored roofing services we are unmatched in quality. Offering any style, material and option to match the look you want. 


Helping to create the ideal roofing to perfectly accent to your ideal space.

Bespoke Roofing

We provide unmatched fencing quality.  Building in a range of styles with complete customisation to meet your exact needs and property vision.  


Crafted with care to create the perfect, durable, boundary for your property.

High Quality Fencing

Add the final flourish to your garden building with our premier landscaping.


Our landscaping services will enhance you garden, making your new build feel like it's been there forever. with whole garden makeovers a speciality.

Luscious Landscaping

These are just a few of our headline services. With expert experience across all aspects of construction - from planning, to excavation - all the way through to final completion and aftercare service.


Shedworx's services can provide all you need to create the garden buildings and gardens you have always wanted - always with unmatched quality and pricing.

Services Anchor


Why Choose Us ?

See Why We're the Top Choice Across Somerset for Expert Builds and Seamless Landscaping Integration

At Shedworx we provide comprehensive solutions for all your garden needs in Taunton and across Somerset. From custom garden buildings, sheds, offices, summerhouses, barns, pet homes, animal housing, storage solutions, decking, fencing, landscaping and more. We offer the very best solutions and quality builds to exceed your expectations.


Here are just some of the benefits of choosing ShedWorx to help bring your garden building dreams to life - with ease!

We always provide exceptional value in every project and are dedicated to providing premium solutions that offer unmatched cost efficiency.


Choose us for smart investments that deliver extraordinary benefits.

Exceptional Value

We pride ourselves on giving all our customers an unmatched handcrafted build quality.


Using premium materials, our garden buildings provide you with superior craftsmanship and excellent finish.

Quality Craftsmanship

Experience peace of mind with our after-care excellence.


 we can provide full ongoing support to ensure that your garden building continues to meet your expectations long after completion.

After-Care Excellence

Embrace the simplicity of our low maintenance  garden structures.


Designed for lasting beauty with minimal care, you'll enjoy a stress-free outdoor experience, focusing on enjoyment rather than upkeep.

Low Maintenance

Invest with confidence, knowing that our garden buildings add value.


Our Quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design and landscaping, enhances your property, and adds to the value of your property in many ways

Adding Value

We provide a range of options for total customisation to all our customers.


From size, the layout of exteriors or interiors and more, our unique approach can tailor all aspects of your garden building for your unique needs.

Bespoke Solutions

You can trust in our durable buildings, designed to withstand time.


With robust construction techniques, we create lasting structures that offer reliable, strong, and enduring solutions for all of your outdoor needs.

Durable Construction

Our local expertise helps provide the very best service possible.  


From planning intricacies, to knowing the best suppliers in the area. Our local expertise ensures your project is completed seamlessly and efficiently.

Local Expertise

Our full range of services are tailored to bring a new life to your garden. 


 We always work to enhance the natural beauty of your garden to guarantee our work blends seamlessly to create the perfect garden for your needs.

Outdoor Harmony

These are just a few of the many benefits of choosing Shedworx to help fulfil your garden building project around Taunton

Bill Fletcher:

"Recently just had this firm fit our summerhouse from start to finish the guys where spot on kept us in the loop throughout entire job. Very professional service well done guys definitely recommend"

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for Answers?

Our FAQs aim to answer your most common questions. Just click on any question to find the answer for that particular question.However, if there are any specific issues or concerns that you need to discuss further, please feel free to contact us  so that we can provide personalised guidance and recommendations.

What areas do you serve?

At Shedworx, we are dedicated to serving the Somerset community. Our local focus allows us to provide personalized and prompt service, ensuring that all residents in the region can benefit from our beautiful and functional garden buildings. From Taunton to Weston-super-Mare and beyond, our expert team is here to enrich your outdoor space and bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discover the perfect garden building for your needs.

What makes your garden buildings different from others?

At Shedworx, we offer a unique blend of quality, customization, and service. Our garden buildings are not off-the-shelf; they are designed to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your Somerset garden. Furthermore, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship means your garden building is built to last and aesthetically pleasing.

I am concerned about the building not blending with my existing garden style?

We understand that every garden has its own unique style and charm. That's why our design team works closely with you to create a building that complements your existing garden aesthetic. From materials to colour and design, we ensure our buildings harmonise with your garden.

Can I customize my garden building's interior?

Absolutely! We believe that a garden building should be as individual as its owner. Therefore, we offer the option to customize the interiors of your garden building to suit your specific needs, whether it's for storage, a workspace, or a cozy retreat.

I'm worried about the proper maintenance of a shed or other garden building.

At Shedworx, we design our garden buildings with low maintenance in mind. Our use of high-quality, durable materials ensures that your building remains in top condition with minimal upkeep. Additionally, we provide after-care services to assist you with any maintenance needs.

How long does it take from design to installation?

The timeline from design to installation can vary depending on the complexity of the design and your specific requirements. However, we strive to provide a seamless and efficient service, keeping you informed at every stage and ensuring the project is completed in a timely manner.

Can you handle the entire project from design to installation?

Shedworx is your local expert in Somerset. From initial consultation and design to final installation, we handle every aspect of the project, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our skilled team works closely with you to create a customised solution that matches your vision. With high-quality materials and wood treatment, your garden building will withstand Somerset's climate. Trust Shedworx for prompt and reliable service, transforming your outdoor space with our exceptional garden buildings. Contact us today to get started!

I'm not sure if a garden building is a good investment.

A garden building is not just an addition to your outdoor space; it's an investment in your property.       A well-designed and installed garden building can enhance your property's appeal and potentially increase its value. Plus, it provides additional functional space for storage, hobbies, or relaxation.

Can you provide solutions for pets and animals?

Yes, we understand that pets and any animal are very important to many people's lives. That's why we offer pet-friendly designs and features in our garden buildings. Whether it's a cozy house for your rabbit, cat or dog - or a secure outdoor space for any animal you care for, we can incorporate your exact pet and animal needs into our designs.

I'm concerned about the impact of the construction on my garden.

We take great care and always minimise any disruption to your garden and household during the construction process. Always working in a clean and considerate manner, our team can ensure they leave your garden clean and neat once the installation is complete. And complete the whole project hassle-free, helping to keep our customers lives free of stress throughout.

Do you offer landscaping services to complete my garden building?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of services including landscaping. Our goal is to create a harmonious outdoor space around your garden building, enhancing its appeal and functionality.

I'm concerned that I might need planning permission for my garden building.

We understand that planning permission can be a concern. While garden buildings usually fall under permitted development rights, we can provide guidance on this matter and, if required, assist with any necessary planning applications.

Do you use environmentally friendly materials and processes?

Yes, at Shedworx, we're committed to sustainable practices. We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly materials and strive to minimize waste in our construction processes.

I'm worried about the garden building not being secure enough.

Security is a key consideration in our designs. Our garden buildings are constructed with secure doors and windows, and we can incorporate additional security features upon request.

From concept to completion, we offer a wide range of benefits to make sure our customers dreams are made real

Why Choose Us?

The ShedWorx Advantage

Personalized Solutions

Custom builds always tailored to your needs

More Than Just Sheds

Providing services for any garden makeover

Hassle-Free Experience

Always a smooth process from start to finish

Exceptional Value

Discover premium results on any budget

Smart Space Saving 

Innovative design for maximum space

Complete Care

Helping to create long term satisfaction

Relaxed Results

Rejuvenating environments crafted with care

Responsive Service

Timely support when you need it

Innovative Spaces

Creative solutions for you and your garden

Site-Specific Solutions

Built specifically for your property and garden

Future-Proof Design

Made to last with sustainability in mind.

Sustainable Materials

Responsibly-sourced supplies for long term good

Building for All

Designing spaces to be accessible and inclusive 

Security Conscious

Safe and secure buildings are a priority for us

Personal Oversight

Our hands-on process guarantees satisfaction

All Season Functionality

Enjoy your space regardless of the season

Wide Expertise

Our expertise creates better builds and gardens

Real Comfort

Optimised, cosy spaces tailored to your needs

Multi-Purpose Use

Creating spaces for a variety of needs

Noise Dampening

Creating quiet comfort in your garden retreat

These are just some of the benefits our customers can count on receiving when they choose Shedworx.

We would love to let you know more about the full range of benefits we can provide to you, as our customer

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